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A valuable listing agent will help you to determine key inventory statistics in an ever changing real estate market. This will help you:

  1. To determine the current and emerging market trends and
  2. Have the skill to evaluate the present against the past in order to attempt to forecast the future.

This can separate you from others in the marketplace. Please include your email address. By filling in the Information Request Form, we will email you a Free newsletter entitled "The economic influences of our region and how that could have an effect on the market in the future."

Here is a new real estate thought, " Location, Timing, Motivation."
As your Seller representative we will help you to determine:

  1. Your target market.
  2. A fair value for your home.
  3. A check list of 25 items to get your home ready to sell.
  4. An advertising strategy.
  5. We will call you with weekly updates of the activity on your home and honestly express feed back from agents and buyers.
  6. Many times we can earn you thousands of dollars.

The Lawrence market is constantly changing. As potential Sellers, you need accurate, reliable information to base your decisions on. As your Selling Broker we will gain your confidence by providing you what you need. Our strength is showing homes. No home sells until is sold. MLS makes homes available to everyone in the city. You can trust us to work with all of the agents in our community to accomplish your objectives. Your satisfaction will only enrich us with a referral business. It is our goal to help you along the way to a fresh beginning in your new home. We are busy, professional and right on.

Getting Your Home Ready For Sale?

Steps To Sell Your Home Fast:

  1. Drive by your home and notice the exterior from a potential buyer's eye.
  2. Clean the porch and the entry.
  3. Pack any extra stuff including photos and personal possessions.
  4. Clean the windows and dust the cabinets.
  5. Paint the dirty walls.
  6. Clean the carpets and wash the floors.
  7. Haul away trash
  8. Trim the trees and bushes.
  9. Clean out the garage and outbuildings.
  10. Put in new light bulbs.

How Long Will It Take To Sell My Home?

As your Broker, we will help you to:

  1. Devise a plan
  2. Move Forward
  3. Do IT now

What is the Risk of Remodeling without a Permit?

Lawrence requires homeowner(s) to obtain a building permit before making most improvements to their homes. Many times the improvements will add value to the home thereby increasing property taxes. Without a permit, you may risk the chance that the city code enforcement will require you to come up to code on your improvements, whereby you could end up spending more money to make the remodel meet code. A potential Buyer may request copies of building permits from city offices.

Selling Your Own Home?

What you can do about safety? Don't host an open house alone. Unlock deadbolts. Have a phone. Be careful how you dress. Don't put your home phone on the sign. Lock your car. Avoid going into the basement with prospects. Have prospects show their ID before entering your home. If you are suspicious, get away.

What is a CMA and why do I need one?

Real Estate is unique. Your home's features are like no other. A comparative market analysis will compare your home to homes in the market that:

  1. Have not sold
  2. To others that have sold
  3. Will evaluate your home to others available in the market

Neighborhoods establish value and the housing market can change rapidly.